Time to Consider Dental Implants

Time to Consider Dental Implants
Posted on 06/29/2021

Of all the ways modern dentistry has to replace missing teeth, dental implants are by far the best. At Furumoto Dentistry, our Chino Hills cosmetic dentist believes no tooth replacement option will give you a longer-lasting result than a dental implant. If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth and wish to replace them, get in touch with our Diamond Bar dentist! We will share all of the benefits of dental implants with you and discuss how now might be the perfect time to consider a dental implant procedure.

What is a Dental Implant?

Time to Consider Dental ImplantsA dental implant most often takes the form of a small, screw-shaped titanium post that replaces the root-part of a missing tooth. The surgical procedure used to place an implant is quite minor and routine, requiring only local anesthesia in most cases. The dental implant is inserted directly into the jawbone in the space vacated by the missing tooth. After a healing period, the implant is topped with a lifelike crown custom-made to match your existing natural teeth.

The Right Time for a Dental Implant

Dental implants are incredibly effective and have been used to replace teeth for over 50 years. You may want to discuss the dental implant procedure with your Diamond Bar dentist if you have experienced one of the following situations:

  • Tooth decay that can no longer be repaired with a dental filling
  • Dental trauma, injury, or the entire loss of a tooth
  • Dentures are no longer appropriate dental appliances for your mouth or dental health
  • Discomfort from a fixed bridge
  • Deterioration of the jawbone

Depending on your unique situation, our Chino Hills cosmetic dentist can recommend a treatment plan and dental implant procedure that will be best for your dental health.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Not only are dental implants effective, but they offer several other oral health benefits as well. By undergoing cosmetic dentistry in Chino Hills, you can expect the following benefits:

Help Maintain Bone Density: When dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, they naturally fuse with the bone tissue and become an integral part of the jaw structure after healing. Implants stimulate the jawbone as natural tooth roots do, they can help maintain jaw bone density.

Improve Gum Health: When you’re missing teeth, exposed gums act as breeding grounds for bacteria. These open spaces are also more challenging to clean correctly, which raises the risk for recurring gum disease. However, when dental implants fill out these spaces, it’s much easier to clean the gums properly to reduce this risk of gum disease.

Prevent Tooth Decay: It’s not easy to properly brush and floss away all the plaque-causing bacteria that clings to the surfaces of teeth that are not surrounded by other teeth. This raises the risk for decay. When those gaps are filled with dental implants, you can more easily clean all the surfaces of your teeth to lower your chances of developing tooth decay.

Prevent Teeth from Shifting Out of Place: When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth will start shifting out of place as there’s nothing present to hold them in place. But when you have a dental implant placed in that gap, your teeth cannot shift out of place.

Schedule Your Appointment for Dental Implants with Furumoto Dentistry!

If you are ready to consider dental implants for your oral health, contact Furumoto Dentistry. Our Diamond Bar dentist and staff will walk you through all of the details and ensure your questions are answered. To schedule your first cosmetic dentistry appointment in Chino Hills, call 909 861-3515 or request an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!