Debunking the Biggest Laser Dentistry Myths

Debunking the Biggest Laser Dentistry Myths
Posted on 12/05/2022

Whenever new technology enters the medical field, people become skittish and skeptical of it. A lot of rumors or myths start circulating, making more patients reluctant to try new procedures and new ways of doing things.

Furumoto Dentistry, a Diamond Bar family dentist, offers laser dentistry. Yet, to get people to try laser dentistry, some myths need to be dispelled. Furomoto does exactly that and then invites you to see the technology for yourself.

Laser Dentistry in Diamond Bar, CA Is Safe

One of the biggest myths about laser dentistry is that it isn't safe. On the contrary, not only is laser dentistry safe but it is also better for patients than some of the more traditional treatments. The lasers seal tiny blood vessels and prevent infection.

Laser Dentistry Is Painful Because It Burns

While you might experience some pain from laser dentistry, the lasers do not burn. At least, the lasers do not burn in the sense you would expect. They are very controlled and focused when in use. They are precision tools that cauterize and remove soft tissues and bone with incredible accuracy.

As for any pain you might experience, your mouth is frozen before the use of the lasers. Any pain after your procedure is easily managed with over-the-counter pain medications. If you follow the instructions to reduce inflammation and avoid irritating the areas where the lasers were used, you won't feel much pain at all. Patients report a faster recovery time, which is a plus.

Lots of Diamond Bar Family Dentists Offer Laser Dentistry

Actually, they don't. These dental lasers are only offered by the best dental clinics in Diamond Bar. Laser dentistry in Diamond Bar isn't that new, but it is limited to very few clinics.

You Can Only Do a Certain Limited Number of Procedures with Dental Lasers

That simply is not true. You can do so many dental procedures with these lasers. It isn't just for soft tissue procedures either.

You can fix cavities and destroy cavity-causing bacteria with hard tissue lasers. Even root canals and periodontal treatments are accomplished with dental lasers. Whatever needs to be done, there's a very good chance a dental laser can treat the problem.

Let Furumoto Dentistry show you all the ways that these lasers can fix your dental problems. Call for an appointment today.