Announcing Laser Dentistry at Furumoto Dentistry

Announcing Laser Dentistry at Furumoto Dentistry
Posted on 11/27/2019
Laser Dentistry

Your smile serves to give you confidence and compliment your appearance. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 1/3 of adult Americans are not satisfied with their smile according to the ADA. Most people are reluctant to get cosmetic dentistry because of their busy schedule and possible huge dental bill. However, irregularities with your smile are nothing to be ignored because they can lead to further dental defects and even periodontal disease. Learn more about Diamond Bar laser dentistry and the benefits it can have on your smile by reading more details below.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive dental procedure used to treat a number of dental conditions. Your family dentist will use a laser to treat the gums, fight cavities, or whiten the teeth. The FDA first approved laser dentistry in the early ‘90s. As treatment options for the hard and soft tissues, less bleeding and infection is expected to occur. Unlike with the traditional drill, patients won't feel any vibrations. Patients are choosing laser dentistry over many traditional procedures more than ever before. Laser dentistry should only be performed by a dental professional to avoid complications.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry?

Technology has paved the way for many dental procedures to be more adaptive to the patient's core needs and establishing major growth in the dental industry. Thus, laser dentistry has made way for:

  • faster healing
  • tissue generation
  • prepare the enamel for filling/small filling
  • treating gum disease
  • remove bacteria for a root canal

and more...

Dentists prefer laser dentistry over other procedures because it allows the blood to clot faster which reduces bleeding in the soft tissue and greatly reduces the risk for the patient.

Bone And Gum Surgery

Getting bone and gum surgery can be a critical procedure. Laser dentistry makes surgery on the gums cleaner and far more productive ensuring the procedure is successful the first time. The patient can get back to normalcy with less recovery too.

In the case of more life-threatening periodontal disease, laser dentistry can be used to remove lesions that can be thoroughly examined for cancer. In fact, post-op irritation is less likely to occur.

Our Mission Statement To Our Patients At Furumoto Dentistry

At Furumoto Dentistry, we're dedicated to providing our clients with cutting edge technology that reduces the recovery time and your overall cost. That's why we're proud to announce our expert Diamond Bar laser dentistry. For over 40+ years we have catered to the dental needs of our patients with personalized services for their unique smile. We don't put our focus into being high-end, but rather comfortable and affordable. Our dentist, Brent Furumoto and Michael Furumoto are experts in their friend and understand that each smiles us different. We focus on lasting dentistry that includes teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges, Invisalign, early dentistry, and a variety of other dental treatment options.

Contact us at Furumoto Dentistry to discuss your dental health. Request an appointment one of our team of dental experts today!