How to best care for crowns and bridges

How to best care for crowns and bridges
Posted on 09/10/2023

When you're looking for a Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist for your crowns or bridges, come to Furumoto Dentistry. Not only do we offer several options for dental crowns and bridges, but we can also help explain how to maintain them. Here is some excellent advice on how to best care for those dental appliances.

Remove Bridges and Clean Nightly

If you have a removable bridge, pop it out for cleaning after every meal and before you go to bed. Brush the rest of your teeth as you normally do, paying attention to the space where the false crown of the bridge sits. If your Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist tells you to soak the removable bridge in a cleaning solution overnight, be sure you follow those instructions.

Brush and Floss Non-Removable Bridges

Non-removable bridges usually comprise a permanent dental implant bridging the open divide between one or two other teeth. Brush and floss this type of bridge as though it's a natural tooth in your mouth. You will not need to do anything else unless your dentist tells you otherwise.

Cleaning Your Crowns

Diamond Bar dental crowns are designed to look like the rest of your teeth. With the exception of metal crowns, you really can't tell them apart from your natural teeth. Regardless of the type of crowns you have, your Diamond Bar dental crowns dentist will just instruct you to brush and floss normally.

Temporary Dental Crown Care

Temporary dental crowns are made of a poly resin. They are not meant to remain in your mouth very long as they are just placeholders for a permanent crown. They can pop off, but you should try very hard to keep them in your mouth.

While the temporary crown is in your mouth, avoid chewing hard or tough-to-chew foods and brushing around the temporary crown. Flossing the teeth that flank the temporary crown should be done very carefully to avoid accidentally popping off the crown.

If You Pop off a Temporary Crown, Put It Back

Should you get a little aggressive with your toothbrush or dental floss and the temporary crown pops off, consult your dentist. If the temporary crown isn't damaged, you can put it back over the tooth stump it covered. If you're careful with it going forward, it should last you until your appointment for your permanent crown.

If the temporary crown breaks, splits, or just isn't going back on, you will need to be especially careful with the tooth stump. Avoid eating and drinking on that side of your mouth until your permanent crown is in place. In Diamond Bar, CA, contact Furumoto Dentistry for all your bridge and crown needs!