Veneers in Diamond Bar, CA

Veneers in Diamond Bar, CA
Posted on 01/04/2022

Veneers are well known for being the way celebrities achieve their star-power smiles, as well as one of the most comprehensive ways to give your teeth a total makeover. At Furumoto Dentistry, we know that these things are true, but we also know that veneers can provide our patients in Diamond Bar, CA with many unexpected health benefits. Here we list a few oral issues that veneers can be used to resolve.

Dental Sensitivity

When teeth have suffered damage or been worn down over time, the sensitive root that anchors the tooth in place can feel exposed. This can cause sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as pain when chewing and drinking. Veneers cover the surface of the tooth in protective porcelain which mimics the tooth’s natural enamel. Veneers, unlike crowns, leave most of the natural tooth intact, ensuring structural integrity.

Difficulty Chewing and Speaking

Uneven or misshapen teeth can cause difficulty when chewing and speaking. Veneers even out and reinforce the teeth, and function just like natural teeth, so you can speak, chew, and brush them just like usual. With proper care, veneers last between 10 and 20 years before they need to be replaced.

Permanent Stains

Natural teeth can become discolored over time for many different reasons: drinking and eating deeply colored foods such as wine, coffee, and tomato sauce; smoking; improper cleaning; and even just due to age. Veneers provide a permanent fix for stained teeth by completely resurfacing the teeth in even, gleaming white porcelain. Unlike the veneers of the ’80s, today’s veneers look far more natural and are crafted to suit your unique smile by a true artist: your cosmetic dentist.

Low Confidence and Anxiety

One of the first results our patients experience after getting veneers is a huge boost of confidence. Crooked, damaged, missing, or discolored teeth can be a major source of anxiety for anyone meeting new people, going to work or school, or simply living in the world. Give yourself the confidence to wear your greatest and brightest smile, it might just change your life.

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