7 Crucial Things You Need To Know About

7 Crucial Things You Need To Know About ClearCorrect
Posted on 12/17/2021

When it comes to straightening your teeth, there are the standard options like traditional braces, there are the specialized treatments like Damon braces, and then there is ClearCorrect the safe and effective orthodontic treatment that straightens your smile without any of the wires or brackets of metal braces! Here at Furumoto Dentistry, your family dentist in Diamond Bar, we believe that everyone’s smile should live up to its full potential, which is why we recommend ClearCorrect to many of our adolescent and adult patients. Check out these 7 reasons why ClearCorrect is one of our most popular treatments as a Diamond Bar Dentist, and learn how Furumoto Dentistry can change your life by changing your smile!

What Is ClearCorrect?

Clear correct is a clear polymer aligner that fits over your teeth and slowly pushes them into alignment. The multi-step aligner process allows you to gradually shift your teeth into a beautiful and straight smile!

How Long Does It Take?

Clear correct works in roughly the same amount of time that traditional braces do: around 18 months. Treatment time may vary depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth.

Can I Take It Off?

One of the greatest benefits of getting ClearCorrect at your family dentist in Diamond Bar is that the aligners are easily removable. Whether for a meal, a sporting event, or a date, ClearCorrect can be slipped off and replaced whenever necessary.

Does It Work As Well As Braces?

ClearCorrect has the advantage of being custom-made to your teeth, allowing the aligners to shift your teeth into the smile you have always dreamed of. While ClearCorrect may not be appropriate for patients with severely misaligned teeth, it is ideal for patients with mild to moderate misalignment.

Is It Painful?

Getting ClearCorrect with your Diamond Bar dentist is a relatively pain-free way to straighten out your smile. While some patients experience tenderness at the beginning of the treatment, most people experience little to no discomfort.

How To Clean Your ClearCorrect

The best way to clean your ClearCorrect is to keep your own teeth clean, brushing and flossing twice a day. You should also use a soft-bristled brush with non-abrasive toothpaste to clean your aligner regularly.

Where Can I Get ClearCorrect?

If you are asking where you can find a Diamond Bar dentist that offers ClearCorrect, look no further! Furumoto Dentistry offers ClearCorrect as well as traditional braces. Contact your family dentist in Diamond Bar to learn more about our financing options for ClearCorrect or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!