Give Yourself a New Smile with ClearCorrect

Posted on 10/10/2023

Clear and invisible orthodontic appliances are preferential to a mouth full of metal. However, there are many different competing clear aligners on the market. How do you choose? One cosmetic dentist in Diamond Bar, Furumoto Dentistry, offers ClearCorrect, which is a very interesting new clear aligner to perfect your adult smile.

How ClearCorrect Differs from the Competition

Most aligners are only able to correct tiny imperfections in spatial issues and they really can't do a lot for crossbites or overbites. ClearCorrect is designed to fix these particular types of malocclusions while also straightening teeth. Additionally, ClearCorrect can fix teeth that are pivoted on the axis (twisted sideways partially, or completely).

To fix twisted teeth and malocclusions, there are places on these aligners that allow for elastics. When paired with the elastics, the clear braces are doing two or more orthodontic tasks at once. People who have these more extreme orthodontic problems would typically have to wear metal braces first to correct these issues and then wear clear aligners. With ClearCorrect, you don't have to do that.

Better Results for Less Money

Although these clear braces can accomplish so much more for your smile, they cost less than the competition. That's surprising, given that anything that can do something better than another product usually costs more. If you would like to see what Furumoto Dentistry charges for ClearCorrect versus other orthodontic options, just ask.

Length of Time You Will Need to Correct Your Smile

The treatment period varies from person to person. As an adult, it's a little more difficult to correct your smile because your jaws are no longer growing and the cosmetic dentist in Diamond Bar has to work with what you have. At your initial appointment, the orthodontist will assess your teeth and mouth and provide you with an estimate of the time it will take to correct your smile with ClearCorrect aligners.

Stain-Resistant and Chemical-Free

This is medical-grade plastic, not made with chemicals of any kind. That means that even pregnant women can correct their smiles. This type of plastic aligner also doesn't stain or discolor like the competition, which means that no one will ever be able to tell that you're wearing invisible braces.

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