Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Smile Makeover

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Smile Makeover
Posted on 10/11/2022

At Furumoto Dentistry, we dedicate ourselves to helping patients in Diamond Bar, CA achieve the beautiful smile that they deserve! Our vast variety of cosmetic dentistry dental services offer you the opportunity to restore and correct your teeth’s health and appearance. We provide Diamond Bar veneers, crowns, bridges, and other comprehensive dentistry services for a complete and thorough approach to your dental health. With Drs. Brent and Michael Furumoto, you can find the Diamond Bar family dentist that will help you and your family obtain a happy and healthy smile. 

The Benefits of a Smile Makeover

One of the most comprehensive ways to transform the quality of your smile is with a smile makeover. This cosmetic procedure is specifically designed to fit your facial features, personal preferences, and current dental condition. The results are a vibrant and confident smile that you can be proud to share with the world. If you’re interested in a smile makeover, you’ll need to know about these four primary aspects of the procedure.

Step 1: Dental Satisfaction Assessment

The first part of the process starts by highlighting the qualities of your smile that you like and dislike. We assess your satisfaction with your teeth‘s color, size, gum appearance, alignment, spacing, and structural integrity. Once we get this information, your Diamond Bar family dentist at Furumoto Dentistry will identify your exact needs and generate your optimal treatment plan.

Step 2: Thoroughly Explain what You Want from Your Smile

You must let your Diamond Bar family dentist know exactly what you want in an ideal smile. This means that you can show us photos that match the type of smile that you desire. Our process not only assesses the condition of your teeth, gums and lips, but we also account for the shape and contours of your facial features. This ensures that we create the best look for your smile.

Step 3: Outline a Treatment Plan

The next step in your smile makeover is a complete dental exam that identifies any problems that could compromise the success of your procedure. For example, if you wish to improve the color of your teeth, we need to identify if the discoloration is due to any pre-existing dental disorders. We also address certain habits that can contribute to staining, such as drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, or drinking red wine. In such cases, we can offer patients in Diamond Bar veneers as a superior long-term option for your smile.

Step 4: Test Out Your Procedure

Smile makeovers require substantial investment and reduce long-term change to your smile. Since many procedures are permanent, we make sure that you can preview your changes before you commit to the makeover. Furumoto Dentistry offers previews using computer imaging, 3-D models, and temporary restorations, so they can help you gauge how the final changes will feel. This helps us refine your treatment and erase any obstacles to the success of your makeover.

Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams in Diamond Bar, CA

If you’re interested in learning more about the life-changing and confidence-building benefits of a smile makeover, we invite you to contact us here or request an appointment. Your Diamond Bar family dentist will happily answer any questions that you have about the process, so don’t delay in coming to us with any inquiries. We can’t wait to help you achieve the wonderful smile that you deserve!