How A Dental Bridge Can Help Maintain Your Smile

How A Dental Bridge Can Help Maintain Your Smile
Posted on 01/10/2024

The loss of a tooth creates a gap in your smile. Some people don't mind that, but others might. More importantly, you should be concerned about what happens if you leave that gap without adding a dental bridge. One Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist, Furumoto Dentistry, can help you with that dental bridge when you make an appointment.

Why You Shouldn't Leave the Gap Alone

The human mouth is interesting in that it attempts to accommodate and adapt to things that are not normal. Losing a tooth is exactly one of those situations where your mouth tries to adapt. As the socket for the loose tooth heals over, your mouth tries to move teeth just a little bit.

Sometimes a back tooth moves forward into that space or a front tooth leans backward. Suddenly you have a misaligned bite, and you can't quite chew your food as well as before.

A bridge placed where the missing tooth was can keep your other teeth exactly where those teeth should be. The bridge is comprised of a fake crown of porcelain or dental resin. When your natural teeth try to push into the position of the missing tooth when you have a bridge there, your natural teeth can't. Since the bridge is also secured to a neighboring tooth, there's a bit of pushback from the false crown that also keeps the natural teeth in the correct positions.

The Bridge Is Permanent

A bridge is typically permanent. You can't remove it unless it breaks. Then your family dentist in Diamond Bar will remove the broken parts of the bridge, make a new bridge, and receive that bridge in place.

If a bridge needs to be removed for any other reason, only your family dentist in Diamond Bar can remove it with special instruments. Depending on the type of material the faux crown of the bridge, you might have to replace it every ten to fifteen years.

A Bridge Isn't Cosmetic

Most of the time, you will not need to visit a Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist for a bridge. A bridge is necessary to maintain spacing between teeth. Your insurance should cover some of the costs of a typical dental procedure and dental prosthetic. Contact Dr. Furumoto at Furumoto Dentistry for a consultation on your dental bridge today.