Myths and Facts About Dental Bonding

Myths and Facts About Dental Bonding
Posted on 12/10/2023

Dental bonding is a unique process that helps perfect your smile. It is a cosmetic procedure, so it's not ordinarily covered by dental insurance. At Furumoto Dentistry, a cosmetic dentist in Diamond Bar, dental bonding is a highly recommended service performed by Dr. Furumoto. Contact the clinic to find out more.

Myths and Facts

Dental bonding has been mistaken for a lot of other things. Patients confuse it for one of the other cosmetic procedures used to perfect smiles. It helps to have the myths sorted from facts before you request this procedure.

Myth #1: It's the Same as a Crown

No, dental bonding isn't the same as a crown. Bonding applies a dental resin to the tooth and then the resin is shaped before it is hardened (i.e., cured). A crown is a fabricated tooth crown that is fit over the stump of a tooth.

Myth #2: Dental Bonding Destroys Teeth

Dental bonding does not destroy teeth. The resin added to the teeth actually acts as an additional protective barrier against decay, and no part of the tooth is ever ground down or grooved to accept the bonding material.

Myth #3: To Remove Bonding, the Dentist Has to Drill It Off

Very few patients request to have bonding material removed. It is relatively permanent, and a lot of patients like the results. However, if you do ever decide to have the bonding material removed, the cosmetic dentist in Diamond Bar will not be using a drill to "jackhammer" the resin off your tooth/teeth. There are easier ways to remove it.

Fact #1: Your Natural Tooth Remains Intact

Nothing about your natural tooth is removed or destroyed. It's not crowned or capped. It's just there behind and under the applied resin.

Fact #2: Resin Stays White

The resin, which cleans with regular brushing, rarely discolors. In fact, most patients end up requesting whitening for their other teeth to match the resin after a while or ask for bonding on their other teeth so that they all match. You can still get cavities in the bonded tooth, but it's much more difficult to do so.

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