Oral Hygiene

Did you know that your oral hygiene affects almost every other aspect of your health and well-being? Here at Furumoto Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing expert dental care to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Practice the following oral hygiene habits along with making regular appointments with your family dentist in Diamond Bar.


brushSqueeze a strip of fluoride toothpaste onto a soft-bristled toothbrush. Brush your teeth using circular motions to reach beneath your gums and remove any lingering food residue that can lead to plaque buildup. Brush slowly with your toothbrush held at a 45-degree angle to access all surfaces of your teeth, and direct the force away from your gums. If you are doing it properly, it should take you three to four minutes to brush. If it helps, set a timer on your phone.

You should brush after each meal to prevent food buildup. Wait approximately thirty minutes; when you eat, your mouth produces extra saliva. The acidity of saliva slightly weakens your tooth enamel and brushing too early can damage the enamel coating.

Even though your toothpaste might taste good, do not swallow it. When you finish brushing, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water or mouthwash. If you cannot brush after every meal due to work constraints or simply not having a toothbrush handy, at least do it after breakfast and before bed.


flossYou should also make it a point to floss regularly, because a toothbrush will not reach the areas between your teeth, and if these areas don't get cleaned it can contribute to tooth decay.

To floss, take about two inches of floss from the dispenser. You need an inch, plus enough to wrap around your fingers. Without skipping any teeth, run the piece of floss between the teeth up to the gum line. If you need to get a clean piece of floss then unwrap the same amount. You can also buy disposable dental picks that double as toothpicks and have a smaller piece of floss.

Before you go to bed, floss so you can make sure your teeth are clean. The gums are delicate and sensitive, and you will likely experience bleeding the first few times you floss. If you have a dental appointment coming up and your gums still bleed when flossing, be sure to tell your Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist because it could indicate early signs of gum disease or infection that need to be addressed.

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To keep your teeth and gums looking healthy and beautiful, practice the oral hygiene tips we have shared. Also, remember to schedule semi annual appointments with your Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist. At our offices, you can entrust your dental care to Drs. Michael & Brent Furumoto and our all-star professional team. We have locations in Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Walnut, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (909) 861-3515 or request an appointment today! We look forward to serving you.