Oral Hygiene

Ever since you were a little kid, adults stressed to you the importance of taking care of your teeth. In recent years, it has been proven that the health of your mouth is vital to your overall health. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease when bacteria from your mouth enter the bloodstream. At Furumoto Dentistry, we encourage our patients to brush and floss as often as possible to avoid these long-term and potentially fatal health conditions.

Not Just Physical Health Conditions

Along with the negative impact on physical health conditions, your mental and emotional health may take a hit too. As your teeth look less attractive when not brushed and flossed, you become self-conscious and withdrawn. People can suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of poor oral hygiene. As your family dentist in Diamond Bar, Furumoto Dentistry wants you to smile with confidence.


brushBrushing your teeth at least twice a day is strongly encouraged. We understand that it isn't easy to brush and floss after lunch. Most people are either at work or school. However, you can brush and floss before/after breakfast and again after supper in the evenings or before bed.

A rechargeable toothbrush is preferable to a manual toothbrush. The rechargeable ones can gently remove the buildup of tartar and bacteria versus the more forceful nature of the manual brush. If you don't have a rechargeable brush, a manual brush will do.

flossUse enough toothpaste to cover the tops of the bristles. Start with the back of your mouth, brushing your molars first. These are the biggest teeth. The molars have more surface areas where bacteria can hide and tooth decay can start. Move in circles around all sides of every tooth toward the front of your mouth.

Rinse, don't swallow. Then use about two feet of dental floss wrapped around your fingers to floss between and around every tooth. Never reuse used dental floss that has obvious food particles on it! Always use fresh pieces of floss when needed.

If you want to use a mouthwash, ask Dr. Furumoto which one is the best. This is how your family dentist in Diamond Bar teaches everyone to take care of their teeth and mouths.

Blood in the Sink

If you are keeping up on good oral hygiene, but are still seeing blood in the sink, talk to Dr. Furumoto. There may be an underlying cause, such as brushing too hard, infections, gum disease, or poor nutrition. We can help you figure out the cause and provide you with a solution.

When You Should Consult a Cosmetic Dentist in Diamond Bar

Despite your best efforts to care for your teeth, you may have some damage to a tooth. Either through decay or as the result of weakness in a tooth, it might chip or break. Furumoto Dentistry is also your cosmetic dentist in Diamond Bar and can help restore teeth.

Procedures such as dental bonding, caps, and crowns can restore and protect teeth. If you suffer from bruxism (i.e., grinding teeth while you sleep), Dr. Furumoto can make a specially customized guard to protect your teeth at night.

Consult with Dr. Furumoto about cosmetic procedures as your primary cosmetic dentist in Diamond Bar that can restore your teeth and recreate a beautiful smile. Contact our office for an appointment today!