How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Toothbrush?

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Toothbrush?
Posted on 01/04/2021
Taking Proper Care of Toothbrushes

When you look in your fridge and see milk that is past its expiration date, you throw it out because it could be gross or even dangerous to consume expired dairy products. Believe it or not, toothbrushes expire as well, and it's important to know how often to change brush so you can keep your teeth clean and healthy. Here at Furumoto Dentistry in Diamond Bar CA, we pride ourselves on providing quality dental care and teeth whitening to the people of the Chino Hills area. Our top priority as a dentist in Diamond Bar is your long term dental health, so we have put together this quick guide on how often you need to replace your toothbrush!

Why Replace Your Toothbrush?

Your toothbrush may look the same and may feel the same as it did when you first got it, but it still should be replaced every 3 to 4 months. As the bristles in your toothbrush breakdown, they lose their ability to effectively clean your teeth, which can lead to negative consequences such as:

  • Bacterial buildup on your brush
  • Reduced ability to remove plaque
  • Bad Breath
  • Gum Disease

How Can You Tell?

The best metric for deciding whether your toothbrush should be changed is time: if you've had your toothbrush for more than 3 months, it is time to get a new one. Other signs of needing a new toothbrush may include:

  • Frayed bristles
  • Darkening bristles, which could be a sign of mold
  • Very soft bristles

While it may seem short, if any of these signs appear before three months it is important to get a new toothbrush as soon as possible. If your toothbrush is darkening or its bristles are breaking down too quickly, you may be storing your toothbrush incorrectly. Try to keep your toothbrush vertical and in a dry place where it will not come into contact with other bacteria or germs. The bathroom can be a dirty place, so make sure you replace your toothbrush often, so that you can avoid getting sick from any unwanted particles.

Contact Your Local Dentist in Diamond Bar, CA!

Taking care of and replacing your toothbrush is only one part of keeping your teeth healthy. Whether you are looking for teeth whitening in the Chino Hills area, or if you simply want to maintain good oral hygiene, you should also set up regular visits with your local dentist in Diamond Bar, CA. Contact Furumoto Dentistry in Diamond Bar to schedule a free consultation today!