Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?
Posted on 11/10/2023

Dr. Michael Furumoto, a Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist, created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in his practice. Along with Dr. Brent Furumoto, they founded Furumoto Dentistry. The caring and experienced doctors and staff at the facility dedicate themselves to your comfort. We believe that when you are comfortable, we can work to give you a healthy smile.

One part of a healthier smile is teeth whitening. It makes your smile clean and white, but does the procedure hurt?

Side Effects of Diamond Bar Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is not a painful procedure. It does, however, cause discomfort. You may develop sensitivity or irritation during or after treatment. It should last no more than two days. Schedule an appointment with Furumoto Dentistry in Diamond Bar, CA if it lasts longer so we can resolve the issue.

Situations Where Teeth Whitening Could Worsen It

If you experience pain, it has nothing to do with the procedure. The problem lies in your teeth. You may have a pre-existing condition that needs correction from a dentist at Furumoto Dentistry.

Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity occurs when your teeth react negatively to cold or hot beverages or food. You feel pain or discomfort in the tooth's nerve, and it causes you to touch the area with your hand until the pain subsides. At-home whitening kits intensify tooth sensitivity. The likely cause is thin enamel.

Gum Irritation

At-home whitening kits mainly cause gum irritation. When you applied it, the tray did not fit on your teeth correctly. Adding too much product to the tray is another cause. Discomfort develops in the form of redness, burning, or swelling. Our team safeguards your gums during the Diamond Bar teeth whitening procedure.

Unresolved Oral Health Issues

It's always a good idea to practice oral health techniques. We will always check to see if you have any pre-existing oral health issues before we clean your teeth. You may not catch these issues using at-home whitening kits. Issues where teeth whitening will make the situation worse are:

  • cavities
  • cracked teeth
  • teeth grinding
  • gum disease
  • thin enamel

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure. Our office never does it until we examine your teeth for oral health problems. We focus on resolving those issues to strengthen enamel and minimize side effects. We use the latest technology to clean and whiten teeth without harming your gums. Should there be side effects, a Diamond Bar cosmetic dentist will resolve those issues. Contact Furumoto Dentistry in Diamond Bar, California for more information.