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Top Dental New Year's Resolutions for 2019
2019 is here, and we know people all over Diamond Bar, Brea, and Chino Hills are getting ready to start the new year on the right foot by drafting their list of New Year's resolutions. But as you're making the call to restart that gym membership and spending more time in the produce section of the grocery store, there's one thing you may be forgetting on your New Year's resolution list: your smile! The new year is the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your smile, and as your comprehensive Chino Hills dentist, Furumoto Dentistry is here to help. Here's our list of the top New Year's resolutions for a better smile in 2019!
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What Do The Numbers My Dentist Calls Out Mean?
At Furumoto Dentistry, we are committed to providing the best dental care with friendly and compassionate service. We do this through our wide selection of dental services, including periodontal treatment, for patients throughout Brea, Diamond Bar, and the surrounding areas. Drs. Michael and Brent and their dedicated staff work hard to ensure that our patients are comfortable in every part of the dental process. That’s why we’ve provided the following information on probing numbers to help you understand your examinations more fully.
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Foods That Naturally Help Whiten Your Teeth
It’s no secret that white teeth make beautiful smiles, and that’s something we all want. Here at Furumoto Dentistry, in Diamond Bar, our doctors and professional dentistry team specialize in general and cosmetic dental services like teeth whitening. Our goal is to give each Diamond Bar patient the smile of their dreams! Did you know that there are several foods out there that can help you whiten your teeth naturally? Here are a few foods to start incorporating into your diet if you want whiter teeth:
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How To Maintain After Your Last Invisalign Treatment
You and your cosmetic dentist Drs. Michel and Brent Furumoto In Diamond Bar spent a lot of time, and effort into shaping your smile into the beautiful, straight and radiant entity that it is today. For this reason and many more, you need to take great care with your teeth in the months and years after your final treatment. Our family dentist can help you care for your teeth in the coming years, but there are a few things that you can do at home to help.
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What is a Smile Makeover?
Have you ever looked at the smiles of celebrities and thought how great it would be to have a drop-dead gorgeous smile? While you may think that your favorite A-listers were simply born with perfect teeth, the truth is that many have undergone smile makeovers to improve how their smiles look.
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Foods That Can Help Whiten Teeth
We all want a whiter smile, and professional teeth whitening is a great way to achieve one. Professional teeth whitening is not the only way to whiten your smile, though: some foods can act as natural teeth whiteners. At Furumoto Dentistry, our mission is to help you achieve a better smile through quality dental care – so whether you want to keep your teeth white after a professional treatment or just give your smile a boost, try these five foods for whiter teeth.
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Welcome to the new blog of Furumoto Dentistry! As a leading dental practice serving the Diamond Bar, CA area, it's our mission to help our patients achieve and maintain great smiles for a lifetime. We're proud to provide expert dental treatments in our office to further this goal, but in addition to in-office dental treatments, we believe that patient education is a vital part of maintaining a healthy smile. We'll use this blog as a way to provide tips on maintaining oral hygiene and protecting your smile, information about our dental treatments and services, and anything else we think will help you keep your great smile.

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At Furumoto Dentistry, we're proud to provide a wide range of comprehensive dental treatments to patients throughout the Diamond Bar area. We pride ourselves on being a multispecialty practice, giving us the capacity to provide treatment with less of a need to send you to a specialist, saving you time and money. We offer a number of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures to our patients, including:

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