Laser Dentistry

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The field of dentistry is constantly growing and adapting procedures based upon technology. The latest advanced procedures include laser dentistry and transforming the dental experience for patients everywhere. With laser surgery manifesting in several other medical fields, it is no surprise that dentistry has accepted its own procedures. Below are the benefits of choosing laser dentistry and the different problems that are being corrected with these procedures.

Choosing laser dentistry over the traditional procedures is becoming something that most patients are looking towards in their future dental procedures. Below are the reasons why laser dentistry is taking off and becoming a popular option.

  • Blood clotting
  • Minimal bacterial infections
  • Faster healing and tissue generation

One of the biggest concerns with any surgery in dentistry is the constant bleeding that is possible during a traditional procedure. With laser dentistry, blood clotting happens at a faster rate than traditional procedures due to the bleeding in the soft tissues being limited and clots able to develop.

Also, the use of laser prevents the potential spread of bacteria to the open wound, which drastically reduces the chances of infection in the mouth. Gaining an infection in this part of your body has the chance of getting serious quickly with constant saliva and warm temperatures. Because the laser is not cutting as deep or to the level as a traditional procedure, they are able to heal much faster, which is beneficial for the patient and prevents them from getting further infections.

Small Fillings

While laser dentistry is not used for all procedures, one of the most common procedure options available is small fillings in cavities. This is the most popular procedure in laser dentistry. During this procedure, the patients are not required to undergo anesthesia, which is a positive health benefit. Also, while the laser is filling the cavity in the tooth, the laser also has the ability to destroy any lingering bacteria within the tooth, boosting its health and recovery. We won’t always be able to use the laser to work on small fillings, however, if you are a candidate, we will certainly let you know if laser dentistry is a valid option for your small cavity.

Bone and Gum Surgery

Bone and Gum surgery in a patient's mouth is critical and can cause significant complications for a dentist. With laser surgery, these procedures are cleaner and much more productive than traditional dental procedures. When it comes to bones, laser surgery encourages positive bone regeneration during oral surgery where the bone may have been affected.

In terms of gum surgery, laser dentistry is able to properly reshape gums that are covering too much of the teeth. Fighting gingivitis during gum surgery is also a benefit of the laser.

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